Kristin and Camille picnicking

Blog | Jun 27, 2010 | 3 Comments

Hangin’ with my sister Kristin

This week, my sister Kristin left on outreach. We have been hanging out as much as possible before she left and had a chance to have a sushi picnic the day before she flew to her outreach location. Its been great to see her step into her calling and thrive as discipleship training school staff. She is leading a Call2All DTS team based here in Kona. Find out where she is going and what she will be doing with her team in this video:


Partner with us in praying for her and her team as they travel around on their outreach!

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Yaaaa, Kristin! Great Blog!



Thanks Melodie! You are an amazing sister too! Go Kristin :)



Enjoyed the video! We’ll be praying for Kristin!

Ivan Olin