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YWAM Kona Trip 2: Staffing

Now begins our 2nd session with Youth with a Mission. To catch you up, we’re heading back out to the YWAM Kona, HI base to staff  the Summer Discipleship Training School (DTS) of youth hungry for God! If you want insight into what goes on, check out my sister kristin’s recent blog post:


She is currently staffing a Call2All DTS led by our friends Johnny and Jenni.

Tomorrow, we fly out of Charlotte to DC to LA to Kona—a looong day of travel! Please pray for smooth travels.

Our time in South Carolina was a great because it allowed us to hanging out with friends and family. It had some hard moments as well adjusting back to life, work, cell phones, tv, friends, and church. I found myself being afraid to speak about what God did, because the response wasn’t what I expected many times. I realized that some people just didn’t want to talk about God as much as I did. And then, it was so worth it to see some people respond positively as we talked about what God did in Kona and on outreach. I learned quickly who the hungry ones are and also not to worry about the response but rest in the fact that God is doing the work, I am just the vehicle. I am still learning that being uncomfortable (and awkward) is sometimes necessary for God to work and making people uncomfortable helps them grow and question their theology. My hope is that my stories and personal experiences get listeners thinking, because many times this is what Jesus did. He asked questions to get people thinking.

It makes me think back to when Melodie and Jed came back from their DTS. If God hadn’t prepared events leading up to when they came back, I would have been one of those people that wanted to change the subject from God. I thought I knew Him, but little did I know that my whole view of God would be flipped upside down in only a few months. God chose that moment to have my heart (and Camille’s heart) open to hear what Melodie and Jed had to say and eat up every word, because I was hungry for God! I pray that anybody that reads this post and finds the topic of God boring or confusing to become hungry for Him! Lord open their hearts and show them the real, raw, powerful, unpredictable and good God!

I’m still hungry to know more about God and I look forward to spending time getting to know Him. Now starts my personal journey to know God and make Him known..

(photo at Waipio Valley with friends Kevin and Jelle taken through Liam’s sunglasses)

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My wife and I are part of the Awaken Community. We desire restoration and reconciliation in the broken and lost. We both love God and are committed to following his will. We both enjoy creating with God: Camille through her art and me through my writing, design and photography. Follow me: @calvinhanson

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so good Calvin, We are excited to keep up with what you get up to in Kona!

Liam Byrnes