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From the Journey #9: Strength Hidden in Weakness

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

What comes first to your mind when you think of Bosnia? For me, I think of my first third-person shooter video game that featured a war-town town in Bosnia that was harboring terrorists. I think many people at least from America would have a similar view of this countrywar torn.

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From the Journey #8: A Place Where God Dreams

Pritina, Kosovo

Where in the world is Kosovo?! I said to my new new friend Larush. He was a tall friendly man that I met in my Discipleship Training School 2 years ago. Larush and I became great friends and talked about his country in many of our conversations.

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From the Journey #7: A Swedish Angel Part 2

Malmo, Sweden

We arrived at the church and entered into worshiping our Heavenly Father and praying for others. Kaylea in the midst of this all of a sudden had a vision of herself telling her need at the front of the church. She was shocked and didnt think it was from God, but told Camille the vision. Camille told me, I told my friend Christian, and Christian told the Pastor! Talk about

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From the Journey #7: A Swedish Angel Part 1


Being in Youth with a Mission, we are almost daily confronted with monetary need or hearing stories of miraculous provision. I was sitting with a leader of a YWAM base just the other day and they were talking about 1.5 million dollars coming in to buy a property and much of it came as a result of an offering from another YWAM center

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From the Journey #6: Lost Places like Bielefeld

Bielefeld, Germany

There was a rumor that has been circulating popularly sinces in 1994 that Bielefeld, Germany, doesn’t exist. We visited and spoke at a church in this town and can verify that it does indeed exist!

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From the Journey #5: Knuffels & Reunions

Groningen, The Netherlands

I was on the street walking with our friend, Jelle, from our Community Transformations DTS and ran into a guy that had this statement written on a sign. I then learned from my Dutch friend that this can mean either hugs or teddy bears! I gave him a hug which was the “knuffel” he meant to give for free.

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From the Journey #4: A Hostile Search Part 2

Brussels, Belgium

As soon as we left up the elevator to the 3rd floor, a guy was using his hands to motion some sort of caution and at the same time, two guys came into the mailroom. One guy acted like he was getting mail but not actually opening any box and the other guy fainted on our stuff.

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