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God Loves Ordinary Days

You never know when the Lord is going to speak to you. Many of the great people of faith had the Lord speak to them in the most random moments. Even the Apostle Paul in the Bible was encountered on an “ordinary” day. Moses

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Lift Up Your Eyes

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Lift Up

Ive had a song in my head for about a week and I cant find who sings it! But nevertheless the lyrics are making me think upward: I lift up my eyes to the sky, to the sky, where my help comes from – something like that anyways

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3 years with Jesus

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3 Years with Jesus

A Video Collage

Take a look at a video we put together of our past 3 years with Jesus. As I put this together and got to watch and relive our past years, my eyes were tearing up over

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You want me to give how much God?!” I find that this is many times my reaction when he puts an amount on my heart to give. I think “Well maybe I heard wrong, maybe its actually one less zero on the amount or five dollars less” I become a haggler with

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Andrew Murray

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Let the Rivers Flow

An Excerpt from Andrew Murray

I’ve been reading quite a bit of material from Andrew Murray. He has an incredible gift of communicating the deep things of God. I wanted to share

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Poetic Redemption

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Poetic Redemption

Most of this post’s revelation comes out of these passages: John 19:38-20:18 and Genesis Ch 1. John ends his gospel revealing the poetic redemption of the world. It was in a garden that man and woman sinned against the Father.

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Blog | Aug 20, 2011 | 10 Comments

True Freedom

I can’t seem to shake this topic partly because it interests me as I staff this Discipleship Training School where I see students and staff being set free to greater depths daily. It gets me thinking, what is freedom?

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