Beauty in Limitations

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Beauty in Limitations

Choosing Faith over Fear

I just wanted to share something the Lord has been highlighting to me lately. I recently bought a Manual SLR camera (Nikon FG Film Camera circa 1982-84). Some of my friends have been returning to the film era and posting their photos on instagram. I thought it’d be fun and challenging.

Nikon FGI’ve realized the immense limitations film has compared to digital. It takes me 1-5 minutes to compose a simple shot with my manual camera, where as it would take me less than 3 seconds with my digital. This makes every shot count and every photo special. What you get is what you get, no deleting off the hard drive.

I also have to go to the store to get the film developed and wait for it. So to get a mere 24 frames shot and developed we are talking at least a half days time. In contrast, my digital camera takes something like 6 frames per second. I could have the same amount of shots in 4 seconds.

You may say, “Wonderful Calvin, but I am not a photographer” But you are a human. Limitations cause us to think and stretch us creatively. I saw an artist who developed a hand shake and he thought he was ruined. It led him to develop and explore a new type of art style that is beautiful. Watch his video here. Limitations in life make us develop and grow. Right now we don’t have a place to stay in Spain for the year for our team of 6+. We are taking steps into the unknown not 100% sure of anything.

One limitation that we have as humans is not knowing the future. We can maybe predict it but not with 100% certainty and that can be scary. We have a choice however to walk in fear which stifles and paralyzes or walk in faith which births creativity and trust in God. Over the past 5 years, Cam and I have had our experiences on both walks. In faith and fear, we have seen God provide in miraculous ways!

The great thing is we have a creative Heavenly Father who does things you or I could never imagine even when we do choose fear over faith. It is part of His Grace and His Faithfulness. So why not take a chance on faith, let go and not fear the things of this world and watch as our faith, creativity, joy and love increase as we see the Heavenly Father work!

Lord, help us to chose faith over fear in our lives! You can be trusted even when we do not understand. Thank you for showing us your creative abundant life through Jesus Christ! Amen

Top photo taken by Calvin on his 1st Anniversary Trip to Europe with Camille. We were browsing a local market in Paris, France and saw this creative use for pop cans!

Author: Calvin

My wife and I are part of the Awaken Community. We desire restoration and reconciliation in the broken and lost. We both love God and are committed to following his will. We both enjoy creating with God: Camille through her art and me through my writing, design and photography. Follow me: @calvinhanson

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