Human is Abstract

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Human is Abstract

“I just don’t get it.” 

The common response to people viewing abstract art. What does this statement actually say? Maybe, “I don’t know what the painting is” or “It doesn’t fit my paradigm of what art is or what ‘beauty’ is”

Those that enjoy abstract art are ok with the unresolved unfinished nature of it.They see it as finished, resolved, and perfect or beautifully unresolved and unfinished. They aren’t looking for details in the way a more realist painter paints which is equally as beautiful.

As I observe super creative people, I notice a common thread among them: They disconnect ration or reason sometimes and go on feeling or spirit. They don’t create for a purpose other than expression. In order to create something unique you must let go of the rational, if not just briefly.

As a graphic designer, I learned to think more abstractly through creating logos for businesses. The letter “A” can be an arrow or the bottom half of a man or something else or sometimes it can be there to just communicate “A”. I learned to use not only the positive space, but also negative space to communicate. I learned color creates moods and each font communicates something different.

Is there any value in thinking or creating more abstractly?

Think about the Creator God and what he has created. Can you explain why one leaf is different than the other or when you view them in different seasons from afar they take on different moods? The normal person can’t (but maybe a botanist can lol), but leaves are beautiful nevertheless. Our world was created by a very abstract artist.

Exhibit A: Human.

Many people wish they looked like someone else. They don’t see the beauty of themselves. Why? The perspective of society or those around them have so influenced the way they think that they think they have to look like someone else to be “beautiful”. The “right” beauty is being fed to them. Yet, God is saying, “I created you uniquely! You are like no one else!” We are beautifully unresolved and unfinished.

I just heard something the other night that is really interesting:

This guy had a dream where God took him and was showing him all these people and they looked beautiful but the same. When he asked God why they were like this, God said, “This is what the world would look like if the Devil created it.”

Food for thought. Think about all the things that were created by evil and you will see an element of the generic eg. Hitler and communism. The devil is not creative nor wants to be. He wants to destroy creativity and expression to create boredom that leads to sin. He is against Godly contentment and adventure. Through fear, he paralyzes people into conformity to the spirit of the world for his ultimate goal destruction. In contrast, the Creator frees us from fear so we can be free to express who we are meant to be in Christ. He allows us to create with His Spirit inside of us. He helps us break the mold of the world and what it thinks.

Creative expression is warfare. Create and invite God into it! It’s going to be beautiful.

The blog header is a painting by Camille

Author: Calvin

My wife and I are part of the Awaken Community. We desire restoration and reconciliation in the broken and lost. We both love God and are committed to following his will. We both enjoy creating with God: Camille through her art and me through my writing, design and photography. Follow me: @calvinhanson


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