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One Law, Two Perspectives

Law of the Spirit of Life & Law of Sin and Death

One of the biggest revelations of my entire life happened the day I realized the ploy of the enemy to keep me in this battle of right and wrong internally and that there was no escape until heaven. If you want to get what I mean read what Paul wrote at the end of Romans 7. Out of anyone in this world this man knew the Law and knew right and wrong. He knew what was right but still did wrong. Many can relate to this struggle, but thank God it leads to another chapter, Romans 8.

There is a shift in Romans 8. Paul brings up 2 laws: The Law of the Spirit of Life and the Law of Sin and Death. Are there 2 laws? No, there was only one law given to Moses, but two perspectives we can look at the Law from.

The Law of Sin and Death as chronicled by Paul in Romans 7 shows the focus:


In contrast, the Law of the Spirit of Life shown in Romans 8 focuses on:


If we focus on our sin, we will live a life of slavery and isolation. If we focus on the God of Life, He will pour out true life abundant and we will live our life of destiny and inheritance with our Kingdom family and share it freely with others.

The obvious choice is ours to make. Step out of dark shadows of slavery and isolation into the glorious light of a Heavenly Father that loves you very much and wants to introduce you to your Kingdom family and life!

O Spirit of Revelation and Life, I pray for those that read this message, my brothers and sisters and future brothers and sisters stuck in slavery and fear that they would cry out to you as Father and run to your arms! May we all live together in freedom by the law that you set in place from the beginning of time the law of the Spirit of Life. Amen.

Author: Calvin

My wife and I are part of the Awaken Community. We desire restoration and reconciliation in the broken and lost. We both love God and are committed to following his will. We both enjoy creating with God: Camille through her art and me through my writing, design and photography. Follow me: @calvinhanson


This is SO GOOD!!!

It’s so funny how we can just think that it is only about ‘right’ vs ‘wrong’, when ultimately our choices [big or minute/little] lead to either bondage or freedom. crazy.

Chelsea Buettner


Chelsea, I hope you are doing great. So right! Thanks for reading. I’m glad the Lord spoke to you :)

Calvin Hanson